Glen Burnie, MD – 2018 is only a few days to go, looking back to the start of the year, the money mistakes we made, purchases we made we never needed and the little regrets that followed us throughout the year for failing to achieve our financial goals.

With few days to call 2018 past, you can begin on a fresh note. Here are smart money moves you can make in 2019.

  1. Live within your means: There is the tendency to be influenced into buying items or services that are above your paycheck or your regular bills. Learn to be frugal and live a very simple but healthy lifestyle. Remember, if you don’t have the cash for it, don’t buy it.
  2. Pay your bills on time: Failure to pay your bills when due can affect your credit and
  3. Pay down your debt: Financial freedom comes when you have a hold on your debt. Wise use of your credit cards to purchase items you need and the discipline of paying whatever was spent back on time will be a smart money move in the new year.
  4. Plan ahead: What will separate you from others in 2019 is your ability to say no when pressured to spend unplanned. How many times have you walked past a nice pair of shoes behind a shinning glass in the mall? Did you suddenly remember you need a new pair? or did your friend call your attention to it? Planning before spending gives you a clear understanding of your finances and put you in control.
  5. Every penny counts: I am sure you have heard the saying that drops make a mighty ocean, also, pennies make a dollar and couple dollars can work wonders. Cut back on the extras that cost you couple pennies every day.
  6. Add to your 401k: In the new year, endeavor to add more money to your 401k account. It is better to secure your further while you have the strength to work and if you have an employer that matches your contribution.
  7. Lastly, take care of your self: Good health is great wealth. As the weather changes and seasonal sickness kicks in, take good care of your self, good sleep, good food and some rib cracking laugher will do much good.

We wish you a new year full of promises and laughter. Happy 2019.