Board Of Education Election 2018: Candace C. Antwine

Board Of Education Election 2018: Candace C. Antwine

Ms. Candace C. Antwine is one of the many candidates participating in the Board Of Education election this November. We are happy to interview her. Enjoy.

What is your motivation for running to represent your district? The students and teachers of Anne Arundel County.

Why are you the most qualified? I am a strong advocate for the best interest of our students. I also am the daughter and granddaughter of retired public school teachers. For over 20 years, I have unwaveringly served the country I love and the communities I love.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing your district and what are your ideas to solve them? Our schools face of a host of challenges. All of which can interfere with successfully safe learning. Educating safely requires devoted attention to the problems that render compromise. It requires adequate funding. It requires accountability, consideration and respect from all and to all.

What is your position on school funding? Our school funding needs to be adequate with a plus up. Teachers need higher salaries. Students need to learn in physically safe environments that do not negatively impact their health and well-being. The school board can work with the County and request funding that supports the actual and immediate needs of our schools.

How will you be available to constituents? It’s like a family. I can simply make the time. Though my work days are long, my evenings are normally open. My weekends can be too. I can attend fundraisers to share a word or two. I can be part of forums. I can be interviewed by the press. I can attend board meetings, take part in association discussions and observances. I am also open to casual neighborhood conferences, one-on-one or in small groups. I welcome ideas and guidance

Final thoughts: I am coming to you with a humble heart and an accosted spirit. I need your help to win the Anne Arundel County Board of Education general elections in November. Most importantly, WE need me to win. In our schools, poverty is pronounced. The discriminatory undertones are out loud. The public educational opportunities are available with obstacles and restrictions. Students learn in environments that include violence, dilapidation, and limited social alternatives. Apathy is also a constant hindrance.

As a mom with a child in Anne Arundel County public schools, my heart is even heavier when I encounter students who have accepted these wrongs as an unchanging norm. Their educational experiences should include transitional sustainment tools that help them even when they are adults.

With me as the District 1 representation on the Board of Education, the unrest plaguing our students can be addressed and in six years, even resolved. This is the first election of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education. It is our opportunity to have a say in who oversees our children’s educational future. Having me on the board would mean having representation and experience.

I am determined to work hard for our students who deserve a chance at all of life’s opportunities.