Mayor Buckley proposes a $147M budget with no new taxes.

Mayor Buckley proposes a $147M budget with no new taxes.

Annapolis Mayor, Gavin Buckley has introduced a $147 million budget while cutting some expenses to make up the $6 million lost between generated income and expenses due to Coronavirus impact

Mayor Buckley on Monday, during the virtual city address proposed $146.9 million budget based on $140.6 million revenue generated by the City.

However, the Mayor’s budget is using $8.1 million excess on the former budget to cover the 6 million shortage in the 2020 fiscal year.

In the City address, the mayor revealed that there were “serious and significant” revenue loss from areas such as tourism, recreation and parks, income tax, hotel and motel tax, permits and parking due to the pandemic.

Buckley said, “While we have been through tough times in the city’s 300-plus year history, we will have to focus on tightening our belts this year because, while we have been spending on COVID-19 to keep residents safe, we have also seen a tremendous reduction in revenues”.

 “The budget makes assumptions about these losses so that we can continue to operate the city within our means” he further added.

About 10 percent has been cut off on departmental expenditure to curb the situation.

Some of the cuts in departments include; eliminating city contributions to the retirement funds of department heads, lowering spending on fleet operations and limiting contract services, supplies and training etc.

But so far, the budget does not have any elements of property tax.

Mayor Buckley proposes a $147M budget with no new taxes.
Image/Annapolis City TV

The Mayor announced the new budget during the State of the City address in the Annapolis City Council meeting which was held virtual yesterday.

Away from the budget, Gavin Buckley advised the people of Annapolis to carry on with social distancing and guaranteed them that the City will go back to normal post the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Your city is stepping up. This city is prepared and this county is prepared. We are in a good place to ride out this terrible thing that’s happened in the world.” Buckley further stated.

On April 14, 2020 the council Finance Committee will begin to deliberate on the budget.

According to the Maryland Department of Health’s latest data, there are about 9,000 COVID 19 cases and a total of 262 people have died from the respiratory disease that the Coronavirus brings.

Currently, Anne Andrunel has about 724 cases of Covid with 29 deaths at the time of writing.