Annapolis, MD – Steuart Pittman is our new County Executive for Anne Arundel County. He defeated Steve Schuh, the incumbent in what has been tagged the blue wave surge. According to Steuart Pittman’s biography, he has been a lifelong Anne Arundel County resident, a nationally recognized horse trainer and a successful farmer who grew up on the farms.

The election came to a close with Pittman winning by 51.8 percent to his Republican Steve Schuh’s 48.1 percent. Hours after his election victory, Pittman stated he will move quickly to establish his administration and appointed former County Executive between 1998 to 2007, Janet Owen and Councilmember Chris Trumbauer whose tenure as a councilmember ends in December 2018 as co-chairs for his transition team.

One of the promises made during his campaign was to ensure communities have a say in their future through the General Development Plan due in 2019.  He also favors a slower development and increased spending on public safety and teachers in the county.