Vision 2040: You Are Needed

Vision 2040: You Are Needed

Glen Burnie, MD – All inclusive government is not just a term, it is a practice of government that brings together both supporters and outsiders for a common cause.

If you live and love Anne Arundel County, its time to come on board, attend one of the Vision 2040 events and contribute to the Anne Arundel County you want to leave to your kids and grandkids.

The County Executive, Steuart Pittman and the County’s office of planning and zoning as put together open house meetings where you will be allowed to share your vision for the county.

The goal of these events around the county is to allow maximum participation, engage the participants and gather inputs to help shape the development of vision 2040 and build a prosperous Anne Arundel County.

The open house sessions are broken into 3 parts.

  1. The first exercise is the Small Area Plan/ General Development Plan: Participants will have the opportunity to review recommendations at the Small Area Plan/General Development Plan. They will prioritize the most valuable ones and recommend for inclusion into the vision 2040 and/or future community projects.
  2. The vision exercise: This is the golden opportunity for every participant to share their vision for the future of the county. The vision exercise seeks answers to questions as; what needs to improve in the county? What should your local community look like in the next 20years? With the increase in population comes the need for improvements.
  3. Boundary Community Review: Here you identify your community, review the boundaries of the community and give a review.

The last aspect of the open house forum is the open comment session where participants will have the opportunity to discuss their vision from the vision exercise.

Time is 5 pm – 8 pm.

Below is the schedule for each of the open house forum, review and attend the one closet to you.

DateSmall AreaLocation
4/29/19JessupJessup Community Hall
5/2/19BWI / LinthicumNorth County High School(Cafeteria)
5/7/19SevernSevern Library(Meeting Room)
5/14/19Brooklyn ParkBrooklyn Park Middle School(Cafeteria)
5/16/19CrownsvilleBaldwin Hall
5/23/19OdentonArundel High School(Cafeteria)
5/28/19Glen BurnieGlen Burnie High School(Auditorium)
5/29/19Maryland City / RussettRussett Library
5/30/19Pasadena / Marley NeckNortheast High School(Cafeteria)
6/4/19Lake ShoreChesapeake High School(Cafeteria)
6/6/19BroadneckBroadneck High School(Cafeteria)
6/10/19Severna ParkSeverna Park High School(Cafeteria)
6/12/19CroftonCrofton Library
6/13/19South CountySouthern High School(Cafeteria)
6/18/19Edgewater / MayoSouth River High School(Cafeteria)
6/20/19Annapolis NeckAnnapolis High School(Cafeteria)
6/24/19Deale / Shady SideDeale Library

Attend one of these events and contribute to the growth and development of this great County.