Two Severn Teens Charged In Parking Lot Armed Robbery

Two Severn Teens Charged In Parking Lot Armed Robbery

Severn, MD – Two Severn teenagers, Diego Rodriguez, 18, of 7800 block of Cherrybrook Court and Uthman Adegboyega, 16, of 1700 block of Richfield Drive, Severn, suspects involved in the armed robbery that took place at the parking lot near Meade Middle School have been arrested and charged.

The robbery incidence took place on Monday afternoon at approximately 6 pm when the victim was walking in the area and was approached by one of the suspected who requested to use the victim’s phone to make a call.

The victim unaware of their act gave the suspect his phone. At that point, the suspect yelled at the victim, demanding any money while striking the victim with his hands.

The victim fled the venue and called for assistance after been assaulted and a handgun pulled on him by the other suspect.

With the coordinated efforts of Detectives from Anne Arundel County Police Department, Ft. Meade authorities, the School Resource Unit, and the Board of Education Security unit, the suspects were identified.

Upon their identification, a search and seizure warrants were executed by detectives at the suspect homes. Evidence related to the incident were recovered and suspects were arrested without incident.