With few days to the first day of school, certain precautionary measures are important. Immunization is one and very important. Just as the name sounds, immunization is a safe way parents can protect their infants and children from dangerous diseases all around us.

As the cold season comes in, infants and kids are often affected with many diseases that comes with the season. But with the right vaccines, they can be well prepared and protected.

This is why Anne Arundel County Department of Health is calling on all parents whose child needs vaccination to schedule an appointment for a free vaccination within Glen Burnie and Parole health centers.

Glen Burnie: 410 – 222 – 6633.

Parole Health Center: 410 – 222 – 7247

The Glen Burnie center only has the 3rd of September available while Parole has the 4th and 5th of September as the available days.

For more information check Anne Arundel Health Department