Maryland Launches Coronavirus Rumor Control Platform.

Maryland Launches Coronavirus Rumor Control Platform.

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MENA) yesterday launched a corona-virus (COVID-19) rumor control platform to help the general public make informed decisions based on facts and not rumors as we battle COVID-19 pandemic.

The page is expected to help users ask questions and get answers, read through existing rumors, and find the right answers. It will also provide a list of trusted sources for relevant updates on the efforts of the states and other important topics.

In recent months since the outbreak was first reported in the county, social media platforms and other platforms have made efforts to curb the unrestricted false information been disseminated on the internet without moderation.

According to Jorge E. Castillo, MENA’s spokesperson, “As part of the State Response to COVID-19, MEMA stood up its Joint Information Center to provide the right information to the right people at the right time so they can be empowered to make the right decisions,”.

“We have been dispelling rumors and providing factual information since then, and we want Maryland residents to be able to participate in the process by helping us identify rumors and false information that could unnecessarily cause panic or worse, result in decision making that could lead to severe injuries or even death.”

The agency’s spokesperson has also called for the participation from the public by submitting a rumor. If you see something, say something.

The platform was launched in partnership with the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), the Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT).

Maryland’s launch of the coronavirus rumor control platform is needed at this time to curb rumors and false claims about COVID-19 going around on various platforms.

You can submit a rumor here