Mega Million Grows to $1.6 Billion

Mega Million Grows to $1.6 Billion

Annapolis, MD – The lines are getting longer, registers are ringing at a faster and consistent rate as America try out their chances to become the next American million.

Since nobody won the mega million jackpot just yet, the payout has risen to a whopping sum of $1.6 billion with a one-time payment option of $565.6 million.

The lucky number for the Friday drawing was: 15, 23, 53, 65, 70, 7.

The Mega Million is set to make a return on Tuesday at 11 pm when there will be another drawing to select the lucky winner. Although, it cost $2 to purchase a ticket which puts you in the pool, the odds of winning is one to 302.5million.

With the jackpot standing at $1.6 billion, this will be highest in US history surpassing other jackpots in the past.