Why Expanding No Disposal Limits Will Be A Great Win For Our Environment

Why Expanding No Disposal Limits Will Be A Great Win For Our Environment

Water is a very important to our ecosystem. No just water, but a clean and safe water is required for our existence and the existence of nature both in our waterways and on the dry land.

The proposal to expand the no discharge zones from 3,500 acres to 27,379 acres in Anne Arundel county and Annapolis is a welcome development both for us as residents of the county and also for the marine lives most often directly affected by the harmful ingredients and components of the sewage discharged into these body of waters.

A safer waterwater produces a safe food
Food and safe food comes from safe aquatic ecosystem

Its summer and as a county with beautiful parks with beaches, we are often tempted to swim when possible, kayak, fish and in one way or the other interact with these body of water. Nobody wants to get sick by contaminated water doing what we love. This is why the safety of our environment, including our waterways is our collective responsibility

Sewage wastewater is very harmful. It could either be domestic, like the water from cooking, washing, bathing or agriculture or industrial. These wastewater often carry human and animal fecal waste, if industrial, I could contain chemicals and hazardous waste, and if agriculture, it might contain biochemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers which are all harmful to the aquatic ecosystem.

A safe aquatic ecosystem will provide us with safe food, and outdoor activities without the fear of getting ill or sick.

With the expansion of the no our bay, streams and ocean around us will be better, safe and productive.